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Message on Kenya

Message on Kenya:

Hello, thanks so much for paying us a visit at www.fliesperdozen.com. We are here for you and would like to hear from you either on our products, services or even the website. Your comments help us develop even further.

I make efforts to come out to the US and UK to meet our customers, to get familiar with them and to learn their views on our flies and new fly patterns. as well as our business development strategies. I think it's time I extended the invitation to you too. Please have it in your heart to come visit my home country Kenya. Kenyan_Flag

There's a lot to see here ranging from Wild Animals in our many game reserves to Whale Sharks at the south coast. Meet and see the rich Culture and Traditions of our ethnically diverse people. Taste their Food and lifestyle. To rap it all up you fly fish in many Waters, including game fishing in Watamu Malindi where there are many fishing clubs.

We have in Kenya two of Africa's greatest lakes: Lake Victoria (second in size only to Lake Superior) and Turkana (formerly Lake Rudolph). In these lakes lives the Nile perch, a fish that looks like an outsize largemouth bass (behaves the same too), though it grows to well over 100 kg (220 lb.). To have one of these babies airborne with your plug rattling in its jaws is awesome - don't you think so?

Do you Climb Mountains? Ah....welcome to Mt. Kenya, Kilimanjaro and Elgon. Mt_Kenyan

Once again Welcome to Kenya (we say Karibu Sana) where SUMMER is ALL YEAR.

Thank You

Perminus Karanja


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