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About Us

Pepaka History: Perminus was born in Nairobi Kenya 53 years Ago. As you may have seen else where in this site he is a Family man, and a Christian for that Matter.
Pepaka is a coiled name standing for Perminus Patrick Karanja, and as the Child hood friends will tell you, its a Child hood Nickname Perminus Turned to Trade Name. ( one called AG would know best)

Perminus started out in business as a General Commission Agent for the Work of Auctioneering, Private investigation, Repossessions and General Commission Agency. After a few years in the same business Perminus was inspired by an uncle to Start the Fly tying Business. We got 0ur first Order from a company https://www.balzer.de from Germany from where we decided to move on. Changing the course of business.

Pepaka Agencies is registered with the Registrar of companies in Kenya. With the kind assistance of many US companies and Individuals we have been able to create https://www.fliesperdozen.com the site that carries all our Business line. We are happy to Confirm that we are PayPal Verified Thus payments can be sent to us through PayPal or Our US bank Of America account.

Our Promise:
Backed by the PayPal customer support we promise to deliver to our customers as per their orders and Payments received. Failure to which, PayPal refunds all the moneys paid to us and No delivered made. Its upon us to always advise the customer on the tracking numbers of their ordered flies.

Our Quality: We endeavour to Supply high Quality Fishing Flies for Less. A follow up with the customers will prove us write. Although we may not be the cheapest in this field, We make sure that we use the appropriate materials for a particular pattern and the consistency is maintained.

Our staff are happy and well paid. This helps us maintain a good Factory - Customer relationship at all times. The base to high Quality Fishing Flies Reasonably Priced.

At Present the USFWS requires that customers in the US supply us with copies of their import license. The same is given by the same body for a fee of US$ 300.00 for a One year License and US$ 50.00 for One time import.

This we must advise have hit many fly tying factories in Kenya, and we are no exception. We still have flies held at the USFWS offices at TN for over a month now.

We advise the US customers to Always contact us before raising an order for additional advise. We however Promise to Deliver and on time.

All our flies are packed in Dozens and in specific Patterns and Labelled for the customers easy Identification. No Packaging costs are added to our Flies.

We ship all our flies vis FedEx, UPS, DHL and OWC. In all cases the Tracking numbers are provided to the customer.

We welcome customers with their own accounts with courier companies. That way the shipping cost is avoided.

In most cases the shipping is approximately US$ 50.00 to ship to many parts of the World using the above mentioned companies. This is subject to change with time and without warning due to fluctuations in currencies.

From time to time we run some offers on our flies. This is manly communicated to our long time customers through emails. If you would like the same communicated to you please fill in our contact form and state advise on offers with your email address.

Contract Tying:
We have been contacted in the past by a number of companies in the UK and US willing to enter a contract tying order. If you would like to be in this, please inquire. All you have to give us is the Patterns you need and the number of Dozens per month. We will advise further from there.

Please Contact us with all your Questions and Orders.

Thanks You,

Perminus Karanja


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